the crew


Asli Kutluay, designer and artist, born in 1970, lives and works in Ankara. She takes strong interest in presenting her country’s cultural diversities, dilemmas and richness. She transmits her observations into evocative stories displaying them in paintings, sculptures and installations. She held solo exhibitions at:  Cer Modern, PlatformArmony, Galeri Artist LAB and Kav Galleries in Ankara; Armaggan, Galeri Eksen, Seli Art and Istanbul Design Week in Istanbul; Artifact Gallery in New York, Artem Gallery in Bratislava and Magazzino Gallery in Venice. Among the group exhibitions:  “With his feet resting heavily on clouds” Curator Antonello Tolve, Michetti Museum, Pescara; “Opportunito Collettiva di Arte Contemporanea” & “Equilibri Armonici”  Curator Marco Testa, Florence; “Essence of All Things” Curator Dores Sacquegna, PrimoPiano LivingGallery, Lecce in Italy; “Flu Games Berlin” – Malzfabrik & “Infantellina Contemporary” in Berlin  “Energy for Life” & “One” with Armaggan Art & Design Gallery, Istanbul. “Viaduc des Arts PARIS” &“Dialogue East & North” with Gallery Monteolivetto in Paris and Nice and“Je viens d’Anatolie…”Council of Europe des Arts Club Strasbourg in France. She exhibited in Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair with Canadian Arteria Gallery and “Sofa Functional Art Fair” with Armaggan Gallery in Chicago. Among the awards: She won the Conceptual Study Award at “Pari Emballage” Paris, France.


Vittorio Urbani (born in Ferrara, Italy, in 1954) is an independent curator, based in Venice, Italy, who has been organizing contemporary exhibitions and curating art books and catalogues since 1993 as director of the non-profit organization “Nuova Icona – associazione culturale per le arti” based in Venice, Italy, and at international venues. He has been invited as visiting curator to Vancouver (1999), Istanbul (in 2000 and several other times) and Baku, Cardiff and Rotterdam in 2004, Helsinki, Tbilisi and Yerevan in 2007, and Zagreb in 2009. He has been the Selector for the art prize “Perspectives” at Ormeau Baths Gallery in Belfast, 2004. He has been also invited as co-selector for the “Kyoto Prize” on 2006 and 2009. He has been invited to select the Italian participation (Elisabetta Benassi, Fabio Mauri, Antonio Riello, Paolo Ravalico Scerri) in the Second Quadrilateral Biennial, Rijeka, Croatia, 2007, the Italian participation (Flavio Favelli) in the Biennial of Caucasus “Art Caucasus”, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2007 and again the Italian participation in Sinopale, 1st and 3rd Biennial of Sinop (Turkey) with Antonio Riello and Marc Rees in 2006 and Daniele Pezzi in 2010 He has been member of IKT (International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art). Nuova Icona is dedicated to the realization of projects by contemporary visual artists. Under Urbani’s artistic direction, Nuova Icona has held about 200 shows in Italy and abroad and published more than 100catalogues.Since 1995 Nuova Icona has organized for 5 editions the national official participations of Ireland in the Venice Art Biennale. It has also collaborated as manager to the national official participations of Wales (2001, 2003, 2007, 2009), Turkey (2001, 2003 and 2005), Scotland (2003), USA (2003), India (collateral exhibition in 2005), Finland (2005), Bulgaria (2008), Azerbaijan (2007, 2009, 2011), Lebanon (2007), Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, 2009), Palestine (2009), Iraq (2011).  The association has a special interest in artistic projects concerning cultural exchanges with Turkey and the Middle East.


Deniz Taner Gökçe, Project Manager – Born in Turkey, Deniz divides her time between the Capital Ankara and in the historic centre of arts and commerce Istanbul, that is when she is not travelling. She has worked at a multi-national company as Business Manager for more than 25 years and has managed various projects in multi-cultural environments.

Deniz has a deep passion for art. She believes that there is no feeling to describe the appreciation that comes from an art piece that touches your heart. Thet art provides so many colourful feelings inside you and brings a harmony among our emotions, whether happiness or sadness, rationality or irrationality, awakening all the known and unknown senses.

Through work and for leisure she travels a lot. Loves to see different countries, experience different cultures and of course she is always drawn to the art of place she finds herself in…


Alessandro Fiorentino, art historian and assistant curator in Nuova Icona, born in Lecce on 1972, studied and lived in Florence from 1994 to 2007, and currently spends his life between Puglia and Veneto, handling independent art history research.
After the secondary School diploma at the Istituto D’Arte in Lecce, he graduated and specialized in Modern Art History at the University of Florence, under the guidance of Mina Gregori.
Worked as free lance at Soprintendenza archeologia, belle arti e paesaggio per le province di Brindisi, Lecce e Taranto and published  art history articles for “Storia Dell’Arte”, a specialistic periodic directed by Maurizio Calvesi.
He currently collaborates as Assistant Curator  for  the cultural association Nuova Icona in Venice, directed by Vittorio Urbani, writing in exhibitions catalogs and coordinating with artists in planning events


Emma Capurso, archaeologist and joined the project in Altamura exhibition; Born in Altamura on 1979, after the diploma at the Art School “Carlo Levi” of Matera, she graduated in Cultural Heritage at the University of Salento and got a specialisation  in Landscape Archaeology at the University of Basilicata. She collaborated with the University of Salento, offered free activity for the Soprintendenza Archeologica della Puglia, an was involved in the restoration at the archaeological site of Paestum.
She also teaches Literature, and Art History.
Currently she lives in Altamura, dealing historical and industrial archeology research, organising non-profit events and workshops of industrial archeology with AIPAI (Italian Association for the Archaeological Industrial Heritage); she also organised and applied a Via Appia Antica meeting, two photography exhibitions and one painting exhibition in Matera.
She loves art and travels a lot to learn more about cultures and traditions, seeking new landscapes to photograph.


Emar Orante, curator & story teller of Masseria Jesce; Born on 7 October 1954 in Claustro Giudecca, in AltamuraBorning in Claustro Donato have borned two times, first in the community womb and then in which of his mother. Dressed of silence he learned to speak when he was 25 years old, after singing and dancing around a ball, in the dusty streets of the district where he lived, and the big gardens of an immense suburbs.
He learned to sing in a Franciscan choir, while renaissance painting influenced his dream and his mornings.
After leaving the convent he began to speak to experience the effectiveness of spoken word, and met anarchyc lectures that will direct him on the trains, considering the importance of not paying tickets because of trip seen like an individual riappropriation experience, like a research of mental health
On his identity card we can read: Cantastorie